Lunch @ The Edge in Mooloolaba

By C. Hawkins - 09:49

Sunday lunch at The Edge was the perfect end to a fantastic weekend in Mooloolaba.  The Edge is a beautiful waterfront restaurant, bursting with charm. The owner Heather Andrews.... has a vision that we think will transform this spot into a VERY popular Sunshine Coast eatery. It definitely has what it takes! Great staff, plenty of space, beautiful views, and the food....

The restaurant is currently undergoing a transition so this may be why you haven't heard about it....yet. We are happy to report that The Edge is open for business!

For lunch we had the Seafood Basket which consists of barramundi, calamari, prawn cutlets, fresh prawns, oysters, chips, and a salad...

This would have to be one of the best seafood baskets we've ever had. We loved that it had a mixture of hot & cold seafood. The seafood was incredibly fresh and beautifully prepared. The calamari was so tender and juicy. We found the prices to be very reasonable at The Edge. Take our advice and have lunch at The Edge. Don't subject yourself to the torture that is the UnderWater World cafe... There are much better uses of your hard earned money.

We also devoured the bucket of prawns...

Is there anything better than fresh Mooloolaba king prawns? I don't think so... The prawns were large and very juicy! They had been cooked well. The serving was very sizeable. I had to get Darrell's help to finish this one off and he happily obliged.

For dessert we shared a slice of cheesecake  while taking in the beautiful views around us...

The home made cheesecake was amazing. After trying it we weren't surprised when the waiter informed us that a lot of people visit The Edge simply for the desserts and a cup of tea or coffee. Who could blame them? This was heaven on a plate.

There is nothing like a seafood feast by the water....

The Edge is also available for functions (weddings, business meetings, etc)! When passing by you may have noticed the rather formal looking set up at the front of the restaurant. You've probably just exited Underwater world and don't think your dressed for the occasion...

Let us assure you-you are! The formal tables are being phased out and replaced by clean, and inviting white dining tables and chairs. In the future the formal setting will only be used for functions.

We had a fantastic experience at The Edge. The staff was very hospitable. They made us feel right at home. It's safe to say the Edge has gained two new regulars.

The Edge Facebook Page

For reservations phone,  0417 972 051

*AmeriAus was a guest of The Edge. All opinions expressed are our own. 

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