Favorite Snaps From Our Sydney Roadtrip

By C. Hawkins - 11:01

If you've been keeping up with our adventures you know back in December we took a road trip to Sydney! Sydney is without question one of our favorite cities in Australia. Beautiful beaches...great people...and AMAZING food. If you haven't been to this stunning part of the world I hope these pictures of our trip will convince you to add it to the bucket list! Without further ado here are a few of our favorite snaps from our Sydney road trip. 

We had to get out of the car and check out Sawtell Beach! It's breathtaking. It was worth the extra hour it added to the drive ;)

 What a lovely view from the lighthouse! 

Ran into a cheeky kangaroo while climbing a very steep hill to get to the lighthouse. 

Beautiful coastline in Wollongong...

Darrell snapping pictures in Wollongong...

 The Grand Pacific Drive... a MUST SEE if you are in Wollongong!

 Darrell admiring the Grand Pacific Drive...

Gorgeous Sydney beaches...

View of the Sydney Harbor Bride from our car...

View of the Sydney Opera House from the botanical gardens...

We visited the exact spot Darrell proposed AND ate at the same restaurant we ate at the day he proposed... very romantic & a great end to our year ;) We had such a great time on our trip & enjoyed some incredible meals. If you haven't already checked out our restaurant reviews from our Sydney Road trip you can find them below:

1. Wholly Cow Cafe 
2. Romoletto
3. Huong Xua 
4. Harvest Restaurant 
5. Flavours on Crown 

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