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I have missed a few days posting and we have done so many recipes since then I don't want to spam the communities with all the new recipes I've tried but I'm tempted to.... Right now I'm waiting on my partner to return and fixing him a not so healthy meal...

Currently I'm cooking up some potatoes I attempted to cut in french fries shape but I got lazy after three potatoes so there just a bunch of random shapes in the frying pan. Before that I crisped up some bacon and the potatoes are frying in the grease left over from that... ( I know not so healthy but very good) After they are nice and browned I will lightly cook some green onion (or regular not sure yet). Put the potato onion mixture on a plate. Sprinkle some bacon on top. Shred some cheddar cheese on top of that and finish it off with a spoonful of sour cream. YUM :) ( Update: I've posted the official recipe now for the potato dish) 

The other day I made some chicken-bacon-avocado quesadilla with the leftover chicken we had from a previous meal. Not going to format recipe for this one. Just place a tortilla in a frying pan and shred a lot of cheese on top of it. Add cooked diced chicken, real bacon bits, and diced avocado. Season with Salt&Pepper. Place another tortilla on top to make a sandwich. After one side has browned nicely flip and do the other side. Cook until cheese is nice and melted. Then Serve. Finished product is pictured above. 

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